Sunday, February 24, 2019

I’m the worst blogger ever!

I know I’m officially a broken record because I always say I’m back & I’ll be good about posting. And then lo and behold, I disappear again.

This is me trying again! Lol.

I’m squeezing this post in while my 11 mo old is trying to climb me like a jungle gym & my 2 yr old is preoccupied eating spinach. (Thank goodness she loves veggies! Hope I didn’t just jinx myself lol).

This is just me telling my very small amount of followers that tomorrow I’m going to update my website (including adding the events I’ll be attending this year), doing a big catch-up post, and I’ll include a giveaway!

Wish me luck!!

Also forgive any typos - see above for why this might not be my finest post ever lol.

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