Thursday, November 29, 2018


7 UP ;)

Anyone remember that game?  Heads Up, 7 UP...We used to play in school on rainy days.  It's pouring here today in Los Angeles, and we were talking about it.  I don't even remember the rules, but I remember you had to put your head down and one hand up; someone would go around and tap you, and that meant you either had to put your thumb up or down.  Then I think we had to guess who tapped us.

Anyways...little ramble aside...I've been trying to see how many folks pay attention to me. So I'll be doing a blog giveaway soon (i.e. next week).  I'm giving you the heads up so you can tell your friends to pay attention to me! (Yes, I'm needy like that lol).

I'm also awesome ;) hehe

So make sure to spread the word and the blog love, and check back next week!

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