Friday, October 28, 2016

Happy Halloween!

It's Halloween Weekend!  I got my parents to babysit my baby girl tomorrow so we can go to an escape room tomorrow night.  Should be fun!  Fingers crossed!

It's also STILL Friday here in Los Angeles, so that means I'm not late with my "weekly" post.

So what's new this week?  Honestly...not all that much lol.

Authors By The Beach was last week & it was a blast.  I got to meet some readers, bloggers, and authors.  Sadly though, I didn't get to meet all the authors because I came a tad bit late & had to leave a tad bit early.  Why?  My mother-in-law was watching the baby all day and it was a long day for her.

But in more book-related news.  I'm working on my next story.  Tentative release date is 1/22/17 and it's called The Shape of My Life.  It's about a rocker, and naturally, there will be a twist.  That's all I'm saying for now.  I may or may not post the blurb next Friday...So I guess you have to stay tuned.

Have a fun and safe weekend!

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