Friday, October 14, 2016

Have you seen Page Turners?

Hey everyone!

It's Friday & I remembered to post! Yay me!!!

So what's new this week?

Well...there is a brand new web-based magazine dedicated to books!  Comes out once a month and features 50 authors each time - well, one of their books to be specific.  First one came out this month!  And yours truly was in it - okay, so The Beauty Beneath was in it, but same difference, right?

A better little blurb about it:

***** A New Must-Read Magazine for all Book Lovers ******
PAGE TURNERS by Blue Whiskey Publishing
For romance readers of all genres. PAGE TURNERS is for book lovers to meet new authors or to simply touch bases with some you are already familiar with. In this amazing magazine, you'll find genres ranging from paranormal shifters to contemporary to erotica and so on.

Click here to check out the issue.

That's really all for this week!  Stop by next week for more fun news from me :)

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