Tuesday, August 31, 2021

One LONG Catch Up Post :)

 Alright, you all...

This post is going to list all the fun stuff I didn't share here in the past few months...

1. Scrubbed Paperback went live! Grab your copy by clicking here.

2. Savannah's Savior went live! It's my first erotic romance story. It's part of The Virgin Call Girls series, but they are all stand alone's, and they are all 99 cents each.
Grab Savannah's Savior here.

Here are the links for all the stories in the series:

💜Book 1 - May 10th - ChaShiree M. - Eden’s Sacrifice💜


💜Book 2 - May 12th - S.E. Isaac - Giselle’s Trust💜


💜Book 3 - May 14th - DC Renee - Savannah’s Savior💜


💜Book 4 - May 16th - Chelle C Craze - Harley’s Fire💜


💜Book 5 - May 18th - M.K. Moore - Riley's Temptation💜


3. Storybook Pub 2 went live! It's a collection of short contemporary romance stories that are all linked by the Storybook Pub. Mine story is called Falling.
Grab your copy of this anthology by clicking here.

4. I'm part of an anthology that's not releasing until next year, but you can preorder it now for only 99 cents. It features stories about fairytales reimagined. Mine is based on Mulan.
Preorder your copy of this anthology, Once Upon A Broken Crown, by clicking here.

5. Peyton's Picture went live! This was my 2nd short story erotic romance, part of the Happily Ever Stalker series. They are all linked in that they're about stalkers, but they're all stand alone's, and each is only 99 cents.
Grab your copy of Peyton's Picture here.

I'll share the full wrap cover once I have it - hopefully soon.
Here is the blurb though:

She wasn’t the focus, but my eyes were drawn to her. 

She was the perfect image, the perfect subject, the perfect picture. But one wasn’t enough. So I took more. I took what she didn’t know she gave…herself.

And then that wasn’t enough. I wanted my fantasies to become a reality. I wanted her. I went further, crossed more lines…I gave her what she didn’t know she needed. Desire.

And still it wasn’t enough. It wouldn’t be enough until I had her. She would be more than a perfect picture. She would be mine.

And here are all the links for the other stories in this series:

*ChaShiree M-Loeb's Fall-https://www.amazon.com/dp/B096BLVFGX

➡️➡️DC Renee-Peyton's Picture-https://www.amazon.com/dp/B096QM4S71

*KL Fast- Nicolai's Treasure-https://www.amazon.com/dp/B096R19QY4

*Josette Reuel-Fin's Fixation-https://www.amazon.com/dp/B096B7BWF2

*MK Moore-Daryl's Sin-https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0965PKFQW

6. Guarded went live! This was my contribution to Corinne Michaels' Salvation Society. I need to link the paperback and the kindle versions still (are you shocked I'm behind? lol) But you can grab the ebook version by clicking here. You can grab the paperback version by clicking here.

7. That's all for book news, but here are a few random updates:
a) I'm almost done with my Cocky Hero Club story, but it still needs to get edited and then approved, but I should be able to send to my editor this week.
b) I have started to put together book boxes for ALL my stories, backlist included, and I'm releasing them every few weeks-ish in no particular order. They are all limited quantities, and they are all $25 including US shipping (international shipping is more). They each include a signed paperback, 3 pieces of "DC Renee" swag, and 4 pieces of swag related to the story. I've already released (and sold out of) Shape of My Life ones. I have 1/2 released A Brutal Betrayal. I know which one will be next, but I haven't shared that yet.
c) I will have another erotic story releasing this year, and then I think I'm taking a break. I haven't released any info on it yet.
d) I will have 3 releases in February, but I don't have all that info yet.
e) And I *might* attend an author signing in February as well.

Okay, that's it!

1 piece of my update plan done! Next up...update my list of books, followed by updating extras (because I DO have some extras to share!), followed by updating my signings tab, and then my signed paperback tab.

Phew...that was a lot...I'm done :)

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