Monday, August 30, 2021

I'm Back...yet again...until I disappear again haha ;)

Alright you all! If you've stuck with me this long, you all know I'm extremely sporadic about posting here. And I tend to fall a little behind on updating my website too...

I have A TON of updates that I just never posted here & I'm behind on posting my latest releases + book news...I promise to do all that over the next week or so...the problem is that I'm on a deadline to finish my Cocky Hero Club Book story (and then I have a few I need to churn out ASAP for that too). Plus, I have some deadlines at work, and my kiddos are in bear with me (is that the right "bear" - or is it "bare" - I always get confused - hence why us authors need our editors lol). I promise to post/update, but it'll be slow going - maybe like one update/post a day/every few days for the foreseeable future.

Deal? Deal!

Thanks! Love you all!

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