Tuesday, March 12, 2019

FLU/Cold Season Sucks!

Doesn't it???

I have a 1 year old (well, next week, he'll be one) & a 2 year old - that does not bode well in the sick department during this time of near.  Needless to say, I haven't done as much book-wise (that includes writing, blogging, updating the website, etc.) as I'd have liked to.

But my goal this week is to update my website at least - to include Let Hate Go (because it's not there).  And to include my June book signing.

I also posted a $5 amazon eGift Card giveaway a few weeks ago that no one entered :( waaaahhhh!!! you guys don't love me. boo!!!  I'll be posting another one on Monday instead, so pretty please let folks know so that:

1. News spreads about my website, and
2. The giveaway doesn't go to waste


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