Thursday, March 21, 2019

Eye Injuries Are No Fun!!! (BUT GIVEAWAYS ARE!!!!)

This week didn't turn out quite how I'd hoped it would.

So you all know my week last week was taken over by sick kiddos...well this week was taken over by an eye injury on my part.  I was out of commission from Saturday through Tuesday.  I was somewhat functional yesterday, and I'm pretty good today (not 100% but much better).

Alas, I haven't updated my website like I wanted to yet.  That probably won't happen until next week because the next couple of days are hectic.


I did promise a giveaway!!!

So how about we try the $5 AMAZON EGIFT CARD GIVEAWAY again...

To enter, either shoot me an email at saying anything you want or comment on this post.  I promise to respond (that's how you know you're entered).  If I don't respond within a day-ish, try me again. This giveaway will go through Sunday night (3/24/19).

And go...

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