Tuesday, March 2, 2021


 Okay, okay, you all already know I go through these phases where I'm here every week, and then bam, I disappear...and each time, I promise to be better, and I am...for a while...and then cycle continues...so here's to another promise 😉 haha. Wish me luck!

Okay...lots of updates...so let's start...


Scrubbed is a story set in K Bromberg's Everyday Heroes World. Her series is about 3 brothers that have "everyday hero" like jobs - one is a cop, one is a firefighter, and the last is an emergency helicopter pilot. My story is based on the last one.


It was supposed to be a straight-forward contest. Everyday heroes. May the best one win.

 I was going to shine, to show my own hero, Sidney, that I had what it takes to make it at Modern Family. Not to mention, I’d get to learn from her. Well, that part I did. Learn, that is.

 And I even had the perfect contestant, the one I knew was going to win it all. Noah Shields, doctor and hottie. I’m talking the “you can scrub me down anytime you want, doctor” type of hottie. One problem. He didn’t want anything to do with the contest. Or me. He didn’t think he deserved the hero title.

 He was wrong.

 He was a hero. No, correction, he is a hero. He just needed a push to see it for himself without letting the demons from his past and the heartache he was harboring taint the good man he truly was.

 I was just supposed to help him see – from the goodness of my own heart. That’s the thing, I involved my heart. And when that sucker came into play, I was no longer playing for him to win the contest. I was playing for him to win at life…not just survive…and I was playing with my whole heart. Because it was his.

 And now the contest was over, and I’m left standing alone, wondering if his heart isn’t too damaged to be in it too.

 DC Renee’s Scrubbed is a heart-felt, emotional, fun, and sexy contemporary romance written in K. Bromberg’s Everyday Heroes World project.

Grab your copy by clicking here. (It's free on KU.)


That's the charity anthology I'm a part of! It is only on sale through the end of March, so make sure you grab your copy. It's filled with 22 FULL-LENGTH enemies-to-lovers stores. One of mine is included. It's called I'll Never Stop.


You know that magical movie moment when the girl gets all dolled up and the guy waiting for her wears a smile so wide, it takes up his whole face? Yeah, well, that didn’t happen for me. It was more like, “Here’s your order of humiliation with a side of heartbreak.” And it was all thanks to Finn Bahan, the most popular boy in school. He was my crush and my downfall.

 But that was years ago.

 I was over it and over him.

 I’d grown into my skin and was now a famous model. Gone was lanky Lizzy, and in her place was Eliza Smith. The only downside of fame was needing a bodyguard. Okay, no biggie, right?

 Until the guy I had vowed to hate…and never stop…walked in.

 And if you can believe it, he didn’t even remember me. Lucky for him, I was a professional even though I still hated him…until I didn’t.

The perfect rom-com, right?

“I hate you, Finn Bahan. And I’ll never stop.”

Or would I?

Grab your copy by clicking here. Remember, 100% of proceeds go towards charity. We're donating to End The Backlog, and you can learn more about them by clicking here.


I'm part of a short story YA/NA anthology with 9 other authors. This is my first time writing YA, but I'm happy with what I've written! My story is called Life Was a Miracle.

It's about a girl, Ariela, that moves to a new town and starts a new high school. She's taken under the wing of Lorena, who is in a band with her twin brother, Lars (of course, he's hot ha!). Lars and Ariela are drawn to each other, but nothing happens between them...until it does...and then it's HEA, right? Come on, you guys...this is me we're talking about. You know there's a twist first...😀

You can pre-order it now for only 99 cents by clicking here. Price will go up, but I'm not sure when, eek!


I'm writing my first erotic romance!!! And it's linked to 4 other stories by 4 other amazing authors. Each is a stand-alone, but each girl is a virgin being sold at the same auction. Each book will release in May, 2 days apart. My release day is 5/14. Cover reveals and pre-order links will be live on 3/10 for all the stories. Be on the lookout!


I'm sure there is more stuff I'm forgetting, but I've already packed a lot, so I'll leave you with one last update...I haven't updated my website to include all the stuff I mentioned above. I'll be updating it this week to include it all.

Alright, that's it for today...THANK YOU ALL!!

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