Friday, November 20, 2020

Scrubbed will be LIVE FEB 2021!

I don't think that I share this little awesome piece of news. Since it's a big one, it's the only one I got today for you all 😀

Remember by KB Worlds book? In case you don't, K Bromberg, USA Today & New York Times Bestselling author opened up two of her worlds (i.e. series') to other authors to write in. What does this mean? Authors, if approved, were given the ability to create a story that was "linked" to one (or more) of the books in either of the series she opened up. I chose the Everyday Heroes series. A little background on it - there are 3 brothers that guessed it - Everyday Heroes! One is a cop, one is a firefighter, and one is an emergency helicopter pilot. The last one's story is called Cockpit. The pilot is a single dad that gets entered into a "hot dad" contest by his brothers at a local magazine. I don't want to give too much away, but let's just say that sparks fly between the one leading the contest and the stubborn pilot.

Enter my book...Scrubbed...the contest was a hit, and the magazine is now running different contests. An employee who works with the heroine from Cockpit is now leading her own guessed it - Everyday Heroes! And let's just say that sparks fly between her and a stubborn doctor...

I wanted to echo K Bromberg's story, but I promise you that it is a very different storyline.

Why is this all important?!?!? Because it's done, it's edited, formatted, but most's been approved!!! In fact, I got AMAZING feedback from K Bromberg's readers (i.e. the ones to approve it).

You know what that means??!?!? I have a release date!!!! It's coming to a kindle near you on 2/11 ;) hehe, I crack myself up. But yes, save the date - 2/11/2020. I don't have a pre-order link yet, and I haven't scheduled the cover reveal either, but I have a feeling it'll be sometime in January.  Stay tuned!

Meanwhile, add to your TBR by clicking here.

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