Thursday, September 3, 2020

Join the KB Worlds List!

This post is all about pushing the KB Worlds :) That means a sign-up for bloggers and a reader group!

Bloggers up first! Here's the info to sign up:

Do you want to help us promote KB Worlds? Do you want to sign up for ARC's and Book Release Information? We'd love to have you on board our team!
Sign up here ➡︎
Join us on FB here ➡︎

Reader Info:

Did you know there is a facebook group for readers to discuss all the new KB Worlds books coming your way? Get sneak peeks, VIP access to release info, and don't forget to join the giveaways too!
Discover new authors and discuss the old characters you can't wait to make an appearance in the Driven and Everyday Heroes worlds. 

And guess what? You can add my story, Scrubbed, to your TBR by clicking here.

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