Friday, July 19, 2019

I fee like... blog posts should be book-related, which is why sometimes, I just don't post because I have no updates. But that doesn't have to be the case, right?

I can just ramble about updates to my life...what do you guys think?

Let's try's ramble is the fact that my girl (she's 3 - just turned 3 last month) is taking swimming lessons right now & she is SO not getting it, lol.  There's another girl in her class who is also 3, and she's jumping no problem, kicking her legs, paddling her arms, and my girl is scared to jump lol.  She's also starting a preschool program next month.  She's at an in-home daycare right now.  I'm nervous!  She's growing up too quickly!!!

That's about it for me.  Do you all have any fun stuff you want to share with me?  I promise to listen & respond if you do!

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