Thursday, May 30, 2019

Amazing Takeover Event!

I'm resigned myself to just saying I'll post once a week-ish.  Clearly, it's not happening every week...but...I'm pretty proud of myself for being fairly consistent in posting.  Not like those month-long spans where I was MIA.


The wonderful Tammy from Sassy Sisters Book Corner had a birthday this month.  And, in honor of her bday, she's hosting a 2-day takeover event that is PACKED (and I mean PACKED!) with amazing, amazing authors.  It's already 1/2 way through day 2, but it's not too late to catch it, scroll through the giveaways from earlier today and yesterday, and meet and check out some new authors and ones you already know about! And yes, I took over earlier today. I have 3 giveaways going on.

Go join the event by clicking here.

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