Friday, September 28, 2018

Events Are Hard :(

Most of us love signing events, right?  Myself included.  Heck, I've attended quite a few as a reader, took pics with my favorite authors, and even fangirled a bit.  Shhh, we'll keep that between us.

And yet, I have only done a handful of signings myself.  Why?  The simple and honest answer is because they're hard to do!

A lot of signings require getting invited to, and for some reason, I don't get invited.  Shocker, right??!?!?  I have been invited to a few, and I have applied (and been accepted) to a few.  So yes, I've done some signings.  And I loved them!!!

But there have been some I had to turn down.  Because yours truly had 2 kids under 2 years (not entirely planned lol). A few of the signings I wanted to go to were when I was pregnant and couldn't fly.  A few were when I had just given birth, and it was just too hard to make it out (even if they were local).  And now, with a toddler (2 years old) and a 6 month old, it's even hard to travel to events!

Traveling with the 2 of them is basically a no-go (waaaay too hard), and now if I want to go, I have to find a babysitter for 2 babies essentially.

But I really, really hope to be able to start going to signings again next year!  Especially if they're local.  (So if you guys know any happening in the Los Angeles area, let me know so I can try to get myself on the list!).  Fingers crossed!

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