Monday, August 6, 2018

I'm Back!!!!

You know what happens when you have a 2 year old baby girl and a 4 month old baby boy?  You go MIA for a while apparently lol.

My online presence isn't what it used to be (Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/etc.).  I also took a hiatus from my newsletter.  And of course, my website suffered the most.

But I'm starting to get back into the swing of things, and I started trying to be present online at least during the week (the weekends are just too hard with both kiddos at home).  I started my newsletter back up a couple of months ago!  And I just updated my website!  Check me out :)  And all this with my next release being tomorrow, and a full-time job. (I may have done the website updates while on a conference call at work...shhh....don't tell my boss lol.)

I'm going to try to post here once a week (the keyword is "try" hehe), but whether I do that or not, I will most definitely be A LOT more present here.  So stick with me, and you'll get to read my ramblings.  And sometimes, they'll literally be just that - ramblings.


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