Upcoming Releases

The Virgin Call Girls
Releasing 5/14/21!

My first erotic romance story! Linked to 4 other stories by 4 other authors - all stand alone's, but all about a young girl that sells her virginity via auction.

Cover for mine:

Here are all the other covers as well:

Be sure to pre-order all of them (each only 99 cents!)

The Storybook Pub 2
Releasing 6/1/21!

A collection of short stories all linked by the Storybook Pub.
Pre-order your copy now for only 99 cents by clicking here.

I'll Never Stop
Currently part of the I'll Never Stop charity anthology

Grab your copy of Anyone But You by clicking here. Remember, 100% of proceeds go towards charity. We're donating to End The Backlog, and you can learn more about them by clicking here.

It's live through the end of March. After that, I'll add a bonus scene or two and publish it as a stand alone. Be on the lookout!

Part of Corinne Michaels' Salvation Society

No cover reveal date or release date yet, but I DO have a cover! It's been approved. The story is with the editor. I'll keep you all posted!

Park Avenue Pick-Up
Part of Penelope Ward & Vi Keeland's Cocky Hero Club

My current WIP. Writing as we speak! I'll have updates here as I truck along.

My very first story!

Originally published as 2 books back before I even knew how to publish - wasn't edited, wasn't proofed, and quite frankly wasn't great lol. But the storyline was good, so I edited it, merged it, and then I published it free, one chapter at a time through my newsletter.

Then I sent it for a thorough edit with my editor, and now I have it back! I plan to publish it soon for 99 cents. Cover is in the works. And I might add a bonus scene or two first. Stay tuned!

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