Thursday, March 21, 2019

Eye Injuries Are No Fun!!! (BUT GIVEAWAYS ARE!!!!)

This week didn't turn out quite how I'd hoped it would.

So you all know my week last week was taken over by sick kiddos...well this week was taken over by an eye injury on my part.  I was out of commission from Saturday through Tuesday.  I was somewhat functional yesterday, and I'm pretty good today (not 100% but much better).

Alas, I haven't updated my website like I wanted to yet.  That probably won't happen until next week because the next couple of days are hectic.


I did promise a giveaway!!!

So how about we try the $5 AMAZON EGIFT CARD GIVEAWAY again...

To enter, either shoot me an email at saying anything you want or comment on this post.  I promise to respond (that's how you know you're entered).  If I don't respond within a day-ish, try me again. This giveaway will go through Sunday night (3/24/19).

And go...

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

FLU/Cold Season Sucks!

Doesn't it???

I have a 1 year old (well, next week, he'll be one) & a 2 year old - that does not bode well in the sick department during this time of near.  Needless to say, I haven't done as much book-wise (that includes writing, blogging, updating the website, etc.) as I'd have liked to.

But my goal this week is to update my website at least - to include Let Hate Go (because it's not there).  And to include my June book signing.

I also posted a $5 amazon eGift Card giveaway a few weeks ago that no one entered :( waaaahhhh!!! you guys don't love me. boo!!!  I'll be posting another one on Monday instead, so pretty please let folks know so that:

1. News spreads about my website, and
2. The giveaway doesn't go to waste


Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Cupid's Aim series

I know it's my fault for not being active on the blog for a while, and even when I am, I'm sporadic...but you all aren't being very proactive with my last's a GIVEAWAY!!!! $5 Amazon eGift Card giveaway!!!!

Go check it out & enter!!!

Ok, now onto Cupid's Aim...

If you remember from my other post, Cupid's Aim is a series of 6 novellas (roughly 25K each) from 6 different authors.  They're all romance.  They were all published in March.  They're all stand-alone's.  And, they all have HEA's!

Let Hate Go was book 5 in the series (see my post from Monday to learn all about Let Hate Go!)

Here is info on the other books in the series:

BOOK 1: Kamikaze Heart by Chelle C. Craze

Here is the blurb:
A heart could only withstand so much abuse before embracing the wreckage.

When the flames of heartache declared war, I was defenseless to the ambush.  Unforeseen tragedy ripped me apart and I was imprisoned by the guilt.  To survive, I ran.

It was then I met him, but I wasn't ready.  Yet, hearts were reckless and selfish all on their own.

Consequences aside, I was forced to shed a piece of my armor and head into battle.

Get your copy on Amazon now.
Check it out on Bookbub.
Add it to your TBR by clicking here.

Follow her Facebook page by clicking here.

BOOK 2: Arrow of Love by Clementine Floyd 

Here is the blurb:
Nora was done with Valentine's day and blind dates.  Especially those set up by her well-meaning friends.  This year, she's hiding out in a small mountain town in a quaint little cabin along with her three foster kittens.

David is a successful veterinarian who has no time to meet the "one." So, when one of his clients says she knows the perfect woman for him, he decides to break his no blind date rule.  Nora sounds like someone he could build a life with.

Nora won't even entertain the thought of meeting her best friends' regular veterinarian.

What happens when a well-meaning friend sends you the man of your dreams, but you don't know it?

All you need is Cupid's arrow and a good dose of luck.  Join Nora and David on their adventure to their very own happily ever after.

Unfortunately, Amazon hasn't been very nice to Clementine Floyd, and it hasn't released her book yet, but this is supposedly the link for Amazon.  So please keep your eyes out for her book & grab your copy when it's finally live!

Meanwhile, go friend her on Facebook by clicking here.

BOOK 3: Love in Bloom by Jaime Russell

Here is the blurb:
On her wedding day, Bethani Joy had it all. One thing was missing. The groom. Still heartbroken and lost, she took the call of help from her aunt and fled to safety.

Meanwhile, in LA, Ryan divulged in the carefree, playboy lifestyle. One phone call was all it took to bring his life to a screeching halt.

As he searched for an escape and Bethani Joy embraced the future, they found each other on one unforgettable night of passion.

Can the two overcome their fear of mixing the past with the present or will they end as just another one night stand?

Find it on Amazon.
Check it out on Books2Read Universal Links.

Give a follow on her Facebook page.

BOOK 4: ChaShiree M by Love's Lost Embrace.

Here is the blurb:
Ultimatums. Tragedy.


My life has been one sad story after another. Until the day she moved in across the street. Our friendship saved me and as the years passed, morphed into something I was too scared to explore for fear of my own emotions.

The space I put between us put her in danger.

Our one night together left us with an unbreakable bond.

My need to protect her, would ultimately lead to her abandonment.

But I was ALWAYS coming back for her.

My Love.

Secrets. Love. Second chances.


My life was perfect. Until the day it wasn’t.

The one bright spot in my dreary days was Trim. The boy across the street. My best friend. My protector. Until the day he decided he didn’t want to be either of those things.

Suffering in silence was my only option. Then Trim found out and I found my way out of the darkness into his arms.

That lasted a minute before we were torn from one another by tragedy and death.

He said he was coming back for me. Told me to look for the letters.

They never came and neither did he.

Until he did.

But can I trust him to stay this time?

Make sure to grab your copy on Amazon now!

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BOOK 5: Let Hate Go by ME!!!!!

BOOK 6: Swipe Right by Sadie Grubor.

Here is the blurb:
She Said Yes.

To one dating app party. To a one-night stand. To no strings attached. Then the strings got tangled, because his strings were already tied...To a woman staring back from the photo. To a woman being proposed to. To a photo with the caption...

She Said Yes!

Get it release week only for 99 cents on Amazon.

Make sure you follow Sadie's author page on Facebook.

Time to go get your copies of all the books!!!! And enter my giveaway in the last post!!!!