Monday, April 22, 2019

Sound Off!

I feel like I'm talking to myself over here...

Is there anyone out there listening (or rather, reading) my rambling posts?

If you are, Happy Passover to those celebrating this week!  And Happy Belated Easter!  (Better a day late than never! lol)

That's all I got for you this week ;)

Happy Monday!

(I totally LOL'd when I saw this pic)

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Did you know....

That I have a very cool reader group.  It's small, but that sort of on purpose.

If you follow me at all, you'll realize that I ramble on and on about what's going on in my life, but I don't share "details" - i.e. I don't post pics, I don't talk about specifics (like my kid's names - Emmie & Elon FYI - matching E names not on purpose lol), etc.

But I do all those things in my reader group, which is also why it's small - I feel like I can trust the people in it with my life.  (Yes, I'm very superstitious.)  If you think you're trustworthy and/or you want to join my group, look up DC's Diamonds on Facebook.

I also talk books, do giveaways, sneak peaks, ask for feedback, etc.

So come join!  (Let me know if you need/want the link.)

Monday, March 25, 2019

Save My Heart SALE - Last Day!!!

I'm a bit behind today because it was a crazy week last week & an even crazier weekend!

I'm playing catch up at work, at home, at life lol, and even at all this bookness :)

So, just a quick blog - Save My Heart is on sale for only 99 cents! It's been on sale since Friday, and today is the last day!  So, go grab your copy now before it goes back to $2.99!


Life and death. Exact opposites. One brings great joy. One brings great sorrow. But without one, there is no other.

I gave my daughter life when I was just eighteen. And now, at sixteen, she faces death.

From the minute I heard her little heart beating, she was my everything. It didn’t matter that her father had left me, his empty promises a whisper in the wind. It didn’t matter that I had needed to figure out how to get an education while being a young, single mother. It didn’t matter that I had acted as both mother and father while trying to give her everything I could. It didn’t even matter that she was born with a big heart that had us in and out of the hospital for all her life. None of that mattered because just one look at her, one smile from her, and one, “I love you, Mom,” was enough to make any day better. No love greater existed than that of a mother.

But now I was about to lose her. My everything.

It would be up to Kieran to hold me up if my world came crashing down. Dr. Kieran Bell. He came into my life—our lives—and knocked down every wall I had ever put up. He wasn’t just my daughter’s doctor; he was my friend. He was more than my friend. And now, I knew I’d need him more than ever. I just hoped against hope that this time, life wouldn’t result in death.