Thursday, November 29, 2018


7 UP ;)

Anyone remember that game?  Heads Up, 7 UP...We used to play in school on rainy days.  It's pouring here today in Los Angeles, and we were talking about it.  I don't even remember the rules, but I remember you had to put your head down and one hand up; someone would go around and tap you, and that meant you either had to put your thumb up or down.  Then I think we had to guess who tapped us.

Anyways...little ramble aside...I've been trying to see how many folks pay attention to me. So I'll be doing a blog giveaway soon (i.e. next week).  I'm giving you the heads up so you can tell your friends to pay attention to me! (Yes, I'm needy like that lol).

I'm also awesome ;) hehe

So make sure to spread the word and the blog love, and check back next week!

Monday, November 19, 2018


I know, I know...I did it again...I went MIA.

In my defense, a lot has been going on:

  • I work for an insurance company - I specifically work on Medicare in the Finance Department & Medicare Open Enrollment started in October.  I swear I haven't had any downtime!
  • I got into a pretty nasty car accident (boo!).  So I have been dealing with that.
  • The fires in the LA area were pretty close to home - my family had to evacuate.
  • And of course, life...a toddler and a baby make it hard to get online as much as I used to be able to.

I'm back...again...for  I can't promise I won't disappear again, but I promise I will try now to.

Now for a few updates:

  • I sent out this month's newsletter today.  If you missed it, you should go check it out - there is a little something extra in it.  Click here.
  • I started sending out Enough (the free full length novel I promised) via my newsletter.  It's one chapter a week.  The Prologue and Chapter 1 are already out.  Chapter 2 is coming this week.
  • See below for the cover & blurb I created for it all by myself (can you tell it's not professional? lol)
  • If you missed the Prologue, click here to read it.
  • If you missed Chapter 1, click here to read it.
  • If you still need to sign up for my newsletter, click here to do so.
  • I'm working on a story called Love's Deception.  Sadly, it's slow-going now that time passes me by too quickly, but it's almost done!  Stay tuned for more info on it as I get closer to a completion date!

That's it for today!  But like I said, I'm that means I'll be posting again next week!

Thursday, October 11, 2018


Just a heads up:

I have a story I wrote and never published.  Rather than publishing it (bc it's already been a few years), I'm going to distribute it for free - most likely a chapter a week.  Still working out the details on how & when, but I promise to keep you all updated as soon as I do.