Thursday, September 12, 2019

Rambling Time!

The only book news I have is the stuff I already posted about:

Love's Deception is with the editor for a 2nd read-through, but no release date yet.
I do have a cover!!! And I LOVE it!!! But no reveal yet on that either. You can, however, add it to your TBR by clicking here

Man's (Not) Best Friend (part of the Must Love Dogs charity anthology) is also with the editor for a 2nd read through.  That will be out on 9/25! Pre-order your copy today for only 99 cents by clicking here.

So I'll just ramble a bit...
  • My boss retired at the end of last new boss doesn't know our product, but he seems nice & smart - fingers crossed!
  • My 3 yr old has a love/hate relationship with her new preschool...
  • I thought I forgot my lunch at home today & stopped by on the way back to work from running errands during my lunch break to pick up an overpriced sandwich at the wannabe deli in our building...only to realize I did in fact bring my lunch AFTER I already ate the sandwich...
So if that doesn't sum up my month, I don't know what

Friday, August 23, 2019

The Beauty Beneath News!!!!!

I thought I might have 2 separate posts about this topic this week, but alas, the week got ahead of me. But really, they're related anyways, so I post works just fine!

The Beauty Beneath was feature in Maryse's Book Blog's Newsletter this week!!!! YAY!!!!

It has an excerpt in it, some fun facts about the book, some fun facts about me, AND A GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!

It's also on SALE for 99 cents!!!!!!!!!

Yep, you read that right!!! So much goodness!!!

So go check out the newsletter by clicking here.

And make sure you grab your copy of the book while it's still on sale!


Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Charity Anthology!!!

I might be posting more than once this week because a lot is going on!

First, it was my girl's first day of preschool yesterday! Ahhh!!! She's a "big girl" now (her words) lol.
My boss came back from his 2 week vacation (and is leaving us again in 2 weeks - for good...early retirement to take care of his dad). 

And now...onto today's book news. It's about the charity anthology I'm a part of. It's to raise money to help a very sweet girl (who's smart, determined, and going places) get a service dog. So, naturally, the anthology is all about service dogs! Eighteen amazing authors (yours truly included) have teamed up to give you the anthology.  Here's the cover (with all the authors listed).

It's releasing on 9/25, and you can pre-order it for only 99 cents by clicking here.

My story is called Man's (Not) Best Friend.

And here's the (unedited) blurb:

Man’s best friend was not my best friend. Never was, never was going to be. Except now I was not only going to have to live with him, I was going to depend on him.

There was only one, and I mean only one thing that scared me in this life. Dogs. My very, very not best friend.

And here was Breezer, my service dog, the dog that was going to prevent me from serious harm. So, what the heck was I supposed to do? Get over my fear, of course. But how? Enter Kianna Campbell, therapist extraordinaire. Beautiful, sexy, and smart…lucky for me, she was single. Unlucky for me, she was a professional through and through.

That left me with no choice: beat my fear so I could win the girl. I just hoped I could.